Adidas women sneakers

The best women sneakers for the most stylish looks

Women might feel sexy and super confident in high heels, but trust me when I say that sneakers are a girl’s best friend. They are comfy, stylish and can be worn during the whole day even with a night dress, creating unexpected combinations that top fashionistas all over the world are crazy about.  No matter what your style or personal taste is, you should definitely have at least one pair of sneakers as they will save you from a lot of trouble when the “I have nothing to wear” crisis comes: T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, go! Here, you can find a detailed guide on all the must have women sneakers.

The white sneakers

Black might be the king of colors when it comes to clothes, but white is undoubtedly the king of colors when it comes to sneakers. No matter if it is winter or summer, your white sneakers will become your everyday essentials as they match with everything. Either your look is plain or eccentric, your white sneakers are the perfect fit. Choose the white Adidas StanSmith sneakers with the fuchsia details or the white Laura Biagiotti sneakers with the leopard details and create unique athleisure looks for your walkings around the city or your meetings downtown at your favorite spots with friends.

The gym sneakers

Who said that gym sneakers are boring? Just because they need to be comfortable and appropriate for your kind of training, this doesn’t mean that your sneakers should be deprived of style and design. For those of you who feel like being stylish even while sweating at the gym, check the pink Adidas sneakers, a girly option  that can be worn all year long not only at the gym but for your everyday activities as well. If pink is not your cup of tea and you would rather a rather mainstream option, then go for the U.S. Polo black sneakers.

The going-out sneakers

When it comes to going out, sneakers should be an option worth considering. Imagine your classic suit that you wear at the office with a pair of modern sneakers for your after-work early drinks. Or your skinny jeans with a t-shirt and leather jacket for your movie nights at the cinema perfectly matched with your favorite sneakers. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors, fabrics and designs, as you can turn your sneakers into the statement piece of your look. A pair of black Love Moschino, a pair of VANS women sneakers or a pair of Gold US Polo sneakers will serve this aim beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The flatform sneakers

Let’s face it! No matter how hard I’ve tried to convince you that you can still be sexy and confident with sneakers, plenty of you can never get used to wearing flats. You need those extra points of height even in the morning, so you are not really fond of the idea of wearing sneakers. Well, I might have something for you. The flatform sneakers! You can still be tall without your feet hurting or you trying so hard not to lose your balance on your high heels. Check the Bikkembergs variety of colors in black, white or pink and choose the one you fall for.

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