Interview attire

What do you wear to a job interview?

First impressions do matter and either it is a date or a job interview, one thing is for sure: you should dress up to make the best first impression possible. And while at your date there are hardly any rules you should follow up, when it comes to interviews, there are certain tips you should stick to. A job interview is your opportunity to impress your potential employer so as to convince them that you are the best candidate to get the job. While it is indisputable that your personality matters, it is also true that your dress code reflects your personality and shows that you are professional and have invested effort to look at your best. This gives the message that you take things seriously and that you pay attention to the slightest detail, which are of course characteristics required for any kind of job. A very general rule is that you should be well prepared and aware of the company you want to work for. Is there a certain dress code? Is it a startup where casual is the usual style or a multinational firm where you should be dressed formal? These questions will help you determine your look, but no matter what the answers are you should look well dressed and tidy. Does it seem hard to find the right interview outfits? Then just read the following article on how to dress for an interview.

Interview dress tips for female

A dress is an ideal choice, especially if the interview regards a company with a more formal dress code. Prefer dresses in colors such as white, black, blue, beige or pink and avoid extreme colors. You need to draw attention, but not too much attention. You need to be well dressed, but in any case, overdressed. Avoid mini dresses and choose midi dresses than end up under the knee or slightly above. Showing too much skin is not the best idea and is considered unprofessional. A sheath or pencil dress looks chic and elegant, but if you do not feel comfortable in it, you could wear a shift dress.

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The ideal pair of shoes for a dress for an interview are high heels. But be careful! Do not overdo it. Avoid shiny shoes, glitter and stick to shorter heels, that seem appropriate for a working place, plus you need to feel comfortable on them. Choose colors such as blue, black or beige that match with everything.

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A skirt and top outfit for an interview

Apart from the dress, the other alternative for a formal interview outfit is the all-time classic combination of top and skirt.  Classic combinations such as black and white are a huge must. Avoid color block trending and aggressive colors such as red and yellow and prefer earth tone colors or blue that are soothing and linked to serenity. Choose a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt which is under or right above the knee. If you choose a pencil skirt, then you could wear a top that is a bit loose and creates a balloon effect if put inside the skirt.

As far as the shoes are concerned, check the high heel propositions above that are appropriate for a dress outfit. The same rules for shoes, apply here, as well.

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Interview trousers: do’s and don’ts

While dresses and skirts may be considered a more formal option for a dress code in an interview, a pair of trousers is also a chic option for a woman who wants to impress her employer. However, you should avoid some options, such as jeans. Even if the dress code of the firm does not prohibit jeans, it would be wise not to choose them for your first look at an interview. Moreover, avoid low waisted trousers and choose high waisted, as they look more formal and professional. Colorful pants and patterns such as floral are also choices that would not be preferable for your interview. If you work for an advertising firm or a fashion magazine, this could be the required dress code on a daily basis, but again it would be better not to risk it for your first interview until you get a good grasp of the dress code of your working environment. If you do not want to be plain, then go for stripped trousers. A zip culotte is also a fashionable and great choice for an interview.

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High heels seem to be ideal with skirts and dresses, but when it comes to trousers apart from high heels, you can still be elegant and stylish by choosing other types of shoes. Ankle boots, ballet flats and lace up oxford type shoes in black and brown are ideal choices.

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Coat choices for an interview

Your interview outfit cannot be complete if it is not for the right coat. A trench coat seems a perfect choice with your dress or skirt. A coat with a belt draws attention to your waist and makes you look classy. A coat with buttons could look like a long blazer and is an ideal option to complete your interview outfit. It could be wool, acrylic or synthetic or a combination of those materials. The length and color of the coat are up to you. If the rest of the outfit is simple, then you could dare a more unexpected color, since the coat is a piece you will remove during the interview.

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Top interview bags

When choosing a bag for an interview there are some things you should bear in mind. First of all, the size of the bag does matter. Avoid too small or too big sizes, since they are inappropriate for the context. You need a practical bag with a enough space in order to fit your personal staff and a tablet, in case you have prepared a presentation or you want to do some additional research for the company while you are in the metro for example. Moreover, the color of your bag should be in harmony with the rest of the look. If you have trouble choosing the right color, then simply opt for the same one as your shoes and coat. Fashionistas are not so in fond of this combination, but this is not a fashion contest. This is your chance to pass to the next phase in flying colors. The type of bags you could hold are: crossbody bags, handbags and shoulder bags. Glitters, trucks and big chains are not an option. Stick to more classic pieces and if you want to go the extra mile, then choose more unusual colors than black and brown such as baby blue, royal blue or gray.

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No matter what your outfit is, be well prepared and full of confidence. This could be your opportunity to make your dreams come true, so please be the best version of yourself.

Good luck!