rainy days outfits

What should you wear on a rainy day?

Rainy days and hot coffee with you cuddling at your warm place! What a combo! If, however you are not that lucky and you need to get out of your house, wearing an appropriate outfit could be a nightmare. Therefore, it is good to have thought of some looks for this occasion, since rainy days are here for good. You do not want to end up with your feet cold and wet because you chose the wrong shoes, do you? Do you, however, have difficulty in finding the right clothing on a rainy day? Take it easy, since I have some great ideas for you.

leather boots
trench coat

I am chic(ing) in the rain

If you need to go to your office where the dress code is really formal, you could try wearing a patterned dress. However, high heels might prove the worst choice when it rains, therefore why not combining your dress with a pair of leather boots? This type of boots fits perfectly your dress, plus it is water resistant, which means your feet will stay warm. Just put on your trench coat, grab your umbrella and voilà: you have just created the perfect office rain resistant look. Congratulations!

black tight mini dress
black ankle boots
long pink waterproof jacket

Pink and black: the ultimate color combination

If you want to create a casual, yet girly look, then a black tight mini dress could be a good start. One of my favorite color combinations is the pink and black, so dare to choose a long pink waterproof jacket. It will keep you warm, dry, plus it will cheer you up on a rainy day. (Did I mention how much I love pink in dull days)? As far as the shoes are concerned, keep them black, so that the statement peace of your outfit, the jacket, stands out.  Having said these, what better shoes than black ankle boots to complete your look?

high waisted flared jeans
plaid shirt
low heel ankle boots
long coat with a belt

The boho rainy queen

Jeans is always a good idea, even on a rainy day. A high waisted flared jeans remains a trend this season and is definitely combined perfectly with a pair of low heel ankle boots.  A plaid shirt on top, could create a great boho outfit. Grab your coat and you are ready to go. If you want to create a slim figure, I would suggest wearing a long coat with a belt, so as to stress you west. It also creates balance and geometrical harmony with your flared jeans.

skinny jeans
fluffy stripped sweater
white sneakers
long jacket with a furry hood

Sportive and stylish in white sneakers

For a sportive and stylish look, choose skinny jeans.  Combine it with a fluffy stripped sweater, and sneakers. (Say yes to white sneakers even in winter. They match with almost everything, and create contrast with black, which is the king of colors is winter). A long jacket with a furry hood is a huge must this winter. This sportive jacket is a perfect match to your look and is considered as a basic piece for the upcoming winter, since you can combine it with many different ways without ever losing your style.

black jeans
women white sweatshirt
women waterproof ankle boots
women military jacket

The military jacket… you are in the army now!

The military jacket is a huge trend and seems an ideal choice on a rainy day. If you want to give the impression that you have created an effortless yet dynamic look, put on a white sweatshirt, and black jeans. And of course, do not hesitate to step into the rain. With your waterproof ankle boots, this seems a piece of cake!

Rain cannot prevent you from being stylish and looking your best. Choose outfits that cheer you up – especially if you are of the type of person that feels blue when the first drops appear – and get ready to see the rainbow when the rain stops!

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