Sunglasses Summer 2019 Trends

Sunglasses trends 2019

Now that summer is here for good, it is high time we talked about the number one must have accessory of the season: sunglasses. Sunglasses are the kings of summer and no wonder why. While they evidently protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiation they also have a tremendous impact on transforming your style and even the way your face looks.

Black lenses

An all-time-classic option is to invest in a pair of sunglasses with black lenses. If you are fun of mystery and adventure and you like to be an enigma to others, then this is the best choice for you. There is hardly anyone who can read your reactions through the black lenses, as they perfectly conceal your eyes and you can keep a poker face for as long as you wish.

Brown lenses

While black lenses seem to be a choice that matches every style and face, maybe you should also consider sunglasses with brown lenses if you do not wish to create a rather fierce result. Brown is undoubtedly a choice that matches every skin tone and hair color and makes you look sweeter and more approachable. Go for a tortoise pair in earth tones if you wish to remain classic, or dare unexpected colors such as red, deep green and royal blue if you wish to make a statement.

Cat eye

Newsflash for all the retro lovers out there! The cat eye sunglasses are once more a trend.  No pair of sunglasses can compare to them in terms of elegance and femininity. They are pretty known for provoking an elongating effect, so maybe they are not addressed to women who already have a long face. Keep it classy by choosing black, brown and tortoise pairs, or dare to stand out with statement prints and unusual colors.

Round and transparent

One huge trend that has become the fashionistas’ favorite is the round and transparent pair of sunglasses, especially the ones with smaller circles. These sunglasses with their boho sense travel us  back in time, to the era of the hippies. And this is definitely a fan fact that cannot be unseen. For those of you who love to live life at its pick and have a wide smile on your face, there is no better option to reflect your vivid personality.  Do not hesitate to wear them at the beach bar even when the sun goes down. It is all about style, after all!


Square sunglasses are a timeless choice that never fades. Either you opt for the safe aviator square pair, or you are a lover of the more feminine choice of oversized square type, feel free to experiment with patterns, materials and colors, so as to give a twist to a rather classic option and adjust them to your personal taste.

Whichever type you feel is your cup of tea, one thing is for sure: You will find everything you are looking for as long as you visit our website to discover our wide range of sunglasses.

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