Summer vacations essentials

The summer vacations essentials

We are already in the heat of the summer and I guess that many of you are counting clockwise until the day their summer vacations begin. And no wonder why. No more anxiety. No more work load. No more meetings, unread emails or overtimes.  Just chilling, sunbathing and cocktails by the sea.  But what happens with you ladies, that you need to fit everything in just a luggage? Ok, maybe two! Starting to feel anxious yet? Well, no need to be as here you can grasp ideas on the key pieces you should carry with you for the best insta photos ever. Let’s go!

Loose trousers

The number one piece that should definitely accompany you in your holidays is a high waist wide leg pair of trousers. You can never go wrong with white, plus it is a great combo with the blue of the summer landscape, but if you want to stand out choose a printed trousers such as a colorful floral one. Combine it with a cropped top and wedges and get ready to amaze the islanders.

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The little white dress

The mini white dress in summer is the little black dress of winter. That statement itself shows the importance of that piece when it comes to summer vacations. There is nothing sexier in summertime than the contrast of white on the tanned skin. Morever, this little cuttie can be a canvas on which you can experiment with any color and accessory so as to show off your personal style.

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A pair of sandals

If you had to choose just one pair of shoes to fit in your luggage then this would be sandals, without a second thought. In the summertime you need to feel cool and careless, so do not hesitate to wear flat sandals, even at night. If you need however, to add extra points to your figure, go for square heels, which are sexy but comfortable as well.

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The pastel crossbody bag

A woman’s look can never be complete if it is not for an impressive bag. And since during day, you will be most probably sunbathing at a beach and everything you need will be in your beach bag, then you should make sure you have a bag with you that is appropriate for your strollings or nightouts. And this is the crossbody bag. Pastels are a great choice for this season, but if you feel like daring the unusual, opt for royal blue or metallic tones and you will definitely stand out.

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P.S: Whatever you choose to carry with you, do not forget to leave your problems and anxiety behind and make room for some unforgettable memories. Cheers to an awesome summer!