Summer shoes trends 2019

The 4 summer shoes everyone should own

Summer 2019 is already here and you should step into it with style. This is why we have gathered below the best shoes for the summer season.

Women Sandals

When it comes to shoes in summer, sandals are the very first thing that pops up in our minds. Choose flat sandals during day and high heels during night. Luckily, there are different types of heels, so you can find the one you feel more comfortable with. The basic choice is sandals in earth tone colors which are a perfect fit with every clothing. The ancient Greek sandals in these tones will immediately make you look like an ancient Greek goddess and seem to be the best choice for your maxi dress even at night. If you already own sandals in natural colors, then it is high time you bought a pair in a more unusual color suck as metallic royal blue or vivid fuchsia.

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Flip flops

Flip flops, summer, ease. As simple as that! There is no shoe in the world that can beat flip flops when it comes to convenience. It is a great choice for both men and women and comes in stylish and modern options to complete perfectly your look at the beach or your carefree strollings around the island under the hot sun and the endless blue of the sea and sky.

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Women wedges shoes

Women love wedges. Everyone knows that.  These miraculous shoes give women the opportunity to add height while having the sense they are wearing flat shoes. And summer is the season when women get relieved since their feet will no longer hurt from those uncomfortable high heels. There is a wide range of material to choose from including rubber and straw for more informal occasions or wood for more formal ones, combined with fabrics in different shapes and colors that fit with every style.

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While they are a perfect choice during winter, there is their summer version as well. Ladies, you have numerous choices of shoes to wear, yet you keep complaining that you need a pair for every occasion. Well, you can add your moccasins in this list, if you want to take a break from your sandals and flip flops. I would suggest bright colors and smart details such as satin ribbons. Gentlemen, we know that even one pair of shoes is enough for you for every occasion you can think of. If you are indeed this type of guy, then let moccasins be that one pair of shoes. Flip flops do not seem the smartest idea in office (well depending on the dresscode of your firm) but what about navy blue suede moccasins? Or is it that upcoming wedding that your girlfriend whimpers every day about your reluctance to go shopping? “Honey, guess what. My moccasins, which I wear at office, which I wear downtown, or while drinking cocktails at our holidays will be the shoes I am going to wear at your best friend’s wedding while you can search a month or more for the best fit for your look”.

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