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Winter is coming and I am pretty sure that a lot of you (including me) are shaking with fear! Just with the thought of leaving your warm bed and getting out of your house without your quilt on you. It’s of no surprise that sometimes you even end up doing an endless layering, creating a not that flattering outcome. But you think “Well, OK. I don’t care if nothing matches with nothing. I need to be warm. And depriving my style to achieve this goal is definitely a sacrifice worth making”.

Well, newsflash! No need for that. I proudly present you two brands that will become your best friends in winter. Refrigue and Blauer have a unique collection of water and wind resistant  jackets for both men and women. They are designed to keep you warm, while at the same time add to your style and adjust to your everyday needs.

Refrigue Review

Refrigue was founded in 1972 in Palmela, Portugal, inspired by the needs of walk-in freezer employees. Even today, the striking feature of the brand is that its products are designed to withstand under extreme circumstances and weather conditions, since everyday life can be demanding. Simple and functional, concrete with a modern touch Refrigue’s products have evolved though cold and fire to provide the everyday comfort and feeling of safety we all need. Casual and sportive, Refrigue jackets are designed with innovative materials which are suitable for low temperatures.

The cornerstones of the brand are its incomparable quality and attention to detail, while the relationship between quality and price remains impressive.

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Refrigue Jackets
Refrigue jackets

Blauer jackets
Blauer Jackets

Blauer Review

In 1936 in Boston, Blauer was born, initially as a supplier of technical clothing for armed forces, such as the police and the navy. The light grey waterproof jacket became the company’s trademark, as it was soon adopted by most public services and spread the reputation of the firm globally, leading it to become the best manufacturer of uniforms for public services.In 2001, the brand was introduced to the fashion market, without ever losing its “uncompromising performance”, which is also its moto. Blauer treasures the American tradition and addresses to everyone who craves for freedom and happiness, for everyone who wants to live the American dream. In Blauer garments every detail matters. Every design serves a certain purpose and every garment is designed with robust materials, meant to offer protection and last throughout the years.

While the USA DNA remains the heart of the brand, Blauer evolves through global influences to meet the urban lifestyle of contemporary people, who are cosmopolitans and open to new ideas.

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In 99 Fashion Brands, you will find selected pieces of Refrigue and Blauer for both men and women. Great discounts in different designs and colors that fit everyone’s needs.  With Refrigue and Blauer jackets, something tells me that this is going to be the hottest winter.

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