Laura Biagiotti: The Lady of Italian Fashion

The Italian designer Laura Biagiotti was born in Rome in 1943. When she was young, she studied archaeology while also helping her mother, a dressmaker who designed the uniforms of Alitalia staff at her atelier. She soon realized her inclination in fashion and decided to give up her plans to become an archaeologist, to devote herself into fashion. She was married to Gianni Cinga, who was also her business partner.

Laura Biagiotti was not only a talented designer, but also an entrepreneur, who wanted to surpass the boarders of her country and let the world know her fashion designs. Apart from being a fashion ambassador, she was also a key person for promoting union between seemingly different countries, by showing a deep respect into their culture.

1972 was the year she had her first fashion show. In 1988, after moving to Beijing, she became the first Italian designer who presented a fashion show in China, in which prevailed cashmere and silk. Apart from China, Laura Biagiotti established commercial but also cultural relationships with many countries, helping Italian fashion to spread all over the world. Pioneering once again, she also had a fashion show at the great theater of Kremlin and afterwards in Cairo and Dubai, thus linking Italian fashion with other nation’s cultures.

She has been awarded many prizes, such as the Woman of the Year award in New York and the Knights of Labor award for her great impact in the fashion industry and empowerment of the Italian fashion around the globe.

The “Queen of Cashmere”, as described by the New York Times, had a passion for yarn since her very first collection, which she transformed into luxury garments, such as tent dresses and cardigans. This pioneering approach, defined her style and gave her a unique identity in the fashion world. Quality is a synonym of Laura Biagiotti’s name. Feminine cuts, lavish fabrics, flattering yet comfortable clothes are the signatures of the brand.

Her collection consists of men, women and children’s clothes and accessories, shoes, sunglasses and perfumes.
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