Styling tips that instantly make you look thinner

There is hardly any woman out there who does not wish to look slimmer. No matter how much she weighs, a woman will never be satisfied. It is as if trying to always look perfect is in our DNA.  To be clear, I strongly believe that if a woman wants to lose weight for health reasons or to boost her confidence, she should follow a diet plan from a specialist and exercise often. However, we, women tend to be impatient: We want to look thin and we want it now. That is why I decided to share with you some easy tips on how to look instantly slimmer.

Choose black and dark colors

Apart from being the king of colors, black is also a color known for its almost magical properties in hiding imperfections. So, if you feel you have gained some weight and wish to boost your confidence, choose black clothes. Dark clothes could be a wise alternative as well. Luckily, winter is full of dark clothes therefore you will have numerous styling combinations to choose from.

Monochromatic outfits

If you are a minimal lover, then this tip to look slimmer will blow your mind. Go for monochromatic outfits. They elongate your figure, making you look taller and slimmer at the same time. This beautiful illusion could be a fashion statement as well. Fashionistas all over the world are fond of monochromatic outfits. This way, they are given the opportunity to experiment with stunning accessories and different textures without giving the impression that they have put too much effort. Your monochromatic combination could consist of dark colors which make you thinner anyway, but even white could fit. Black sneakers combined with black pants for example, will instantly give the impression that your legs are thin and long.

High-waist pants for killer legs

There is no better way to make your legs look slimmer and longer than the high-waist pants. Those pants fit with every body type and flatter your body since they elongate your legs and at the same time, they make your waist look thinner. Moreover, they are feminine and never go out of fashion.

Vertical stripes pattern

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that those who want to look thinner definitely have at their list some clothes with the vertical stripes pattern. No matter what the combination of colors is, your figure will automatically look slimmer. Needless to say that a striped suit is an outfit every woman should have in her wardrobe. From morning at the office to your night-out with killer heels and a V-neckline top, the stripped suit remains at your disposal to serve every need you might have. However, be careful with stripes, since the horizontal stripes pattern could have the quite opposite result.

Fasten your belts

If you want to take your style to the next level, add belts to your outfits. It may sound simple, but that depends on the belt. Belts with gems, animal print belts and belts with chains serve a double purpose:

  • They make a fashion statement and
  • They make you look thinner if put on the right place.

A dress with a belt on your waist instantly makes it look slimmer. The same goes to high-waist pants. You can choose skinny high waist-pants, add a belt and complete your look with a loose-fitting t-shirt. And just like that, your belly disappears!

P.S: For 100% success, just combine the tips given above and you won’t believe your eyes.