Now that summer is here for good and we are back to normality after a long period of lockdown (at least for the most of us), it is time we returned to our favorite habits. At last! The carantine period is over and we are free to enjoy and appreciate everything we had been deprived of: our beloved ones, long walks downtown, night outs to summer bars, get away trips to breathtaking locations and many more. Gradually, we start to socialize again, putting of course our safety first!

And under those peculiar circumstances we had to face, a new lease of life is indispensable in all levels-now, more than ever! There are a lot of ways to elevate our mood, but as far as women are concerned, one thing is for sure: a new bag can become a girl’s best friend.

I am a fashion lover and always keep an eye on the new collections, especially when it comes to bags. You see, this is my cup of tea, I guess. And trust me when I say that the new collection of Guess handbags for spring-summer 2020 already has a special place in my heart-well, obviously in my wardrobe as well! Here, I present you my favorite Guess bags for summer 2020.

guess crossbody bag

The golden crossbody bag

If you want to step into the night with style, there is no better option than this marvelous golden Guess crossbody bag. Embellished with rocks, and with its delicate chain, it is ambiguous whether this is a bag or a jewel. Its size is ideal, as it can carry all of a woman’s essentials for a night out and at the same time remains small as the rules of the night styling always indicate. It can also be transformed into a clutch bag if you remove the chain. For you, who love to shine. For you, who love to stand out. For you, who love to be gorgeous. Guess what? This is the night clutch bag you should hold tightly.

guess spring - summer collection 2020 crossbody bags

The animal print addiction

Embrace the wild side of yours with this animal print Guess crossbody bag! Keep the rest of your look simple and let it be your statement piece. Grab your leopard bag and instantly add a fierce touch to your look. Attention: For dynamic women only!

guess backpacks spring - summer 2020 collection

The white rucksack essential

There is hardly any bag that can be compared in terms of convenience and ease with the white rucksack for the summer period. This Guess rucksack will become your everyday essential. Simple and minimal, it can be combined with literally everything. When in doubt, you will always grab your white Guess backpack. It is just as simple as it sounds.

guess purse collection

The floral purse

This summer, go tropical with this floral Guess purse. Stylish and practical, it is as if it brings the summer breeze of those dreamy tropical destinations in your hands. Keep your money and your cards safe, but also keep them in style!

guess shoulder bags collection 2020

The pastel shoulder bag

Women cannot resist to shoulder bags. Ideal for the office, your strolling around the city and your corporate meals, shoulder bags are both feminine and practical. Especially when it comes to this pink Guess shoulder bag, then second thoughts are off the table. If you want to add a romantic and girly touch to your everyday look, then this is the bag for you. For extra dose of sickness, it is combined with silver details.

guess shoulder bags 2020

Kill two birds with one stone

Buy one, take two! You see a colorful floral Guess shoulder bag and you think: “Can it get any better that that?” Well, surprise! You take a look inside and you also see a baby pink bag emerging. Keep them both together, or separately. Double love! Double addiction!

To cut a long story short…

The new spring-summer collection of Guess bags for 2020 addresses to all those women who appreciate quality and do not compromise with mediocrity. Including glamorous, dynamic, romantic, minimal and classic pieces, there is hardly any woman out there who will not find the right fit for her. If you have already fallen for them but also want to find them in the best prices, then check the full Guess collection here.