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Diadora Heritage sneakers: the retro Italian style shoes you will fall in love with

In 1948, Diadora, an Italian company, was founded. The word Diadora originates from the Greek compound “dia-dora” which means “sharing gifts“. And this lies in the DNA of the brand. Diadora shares passion, enthusiasm, success and team spirit. Innovation and creativity have always been the striking features of the brand. With a continuous research into materials and technological breakthroughs applied to sportswear coupled with style, the Italian firm definitely sets apart from the competition.

While in the beginning it started as an artisan’s laboratory for mountain boots, its fame quickly became widespread. Thanks to their quality, the mountain boots were quickly regarded as the best on the market. No surprise that in the 60’s the production was major, addressing to the up and coming sports industry. Professional sports started to rise in the 70’s and people of Diadora were already prepared to optimize this opportunity. Champion celebrities were used as endorsers for Diadora products, who soon became trend setters. Their appeal was not narrowed down to the sports industry, but affected the leisure market as well. Diadora became the leader of international sports but never settled down. Being innovative once again, the Diadora Research Center was founded in the 90’s. Therefore, apart from setting the base of sports marketing, Diadora also constructed a team of shoes experts, orthopedics and experts from the Milan Polytechnical Centre of Bioengineering. Quite pioneering at the time, one could think of. Sports partnerships continued with great success and company’s expansion became worldwide, but the company had also the vision to dominate in the luxury sportswear. As a matter of a fact, in the 00’s the Diadora Heritage line made its appearance in an attempt to penetrate into the fashion industry. Sportswear was not only meant for champions, but for all the everyday people who fight through the difficulties. And they do it with style!

Diadora Heritage sneakers consist of unique pieces for both men and women. Those vintage style Italian shoes are an affordable luxury for all those who want to stand out. With retro shapes and daring color combinations, those premium quality shoes are so comfortable you will hardly want to take them off. Ideal for every hour of the day, the Diadora Heritage shoes are fun and fashionable. As they become one with the urban vibes of the city, they are the perfect shoes to complete your casual urban look. In 99 Fashion Brands you will discover a wide range of colors and designs of Diadora Heritage trainers. With so many Diadora Heritage shoes on sale, you will definitely find the ones that are of your personal taste and style.

Diadora Heritage styling combinations for men

Are you an Italian style lover? Do you feel that your look reflects your personality? Do you dare to make the difference? Then choose a Diadora Heritage pair of sneakers in a rather unusual color such as green. Keep the rest of your look in quite color tones, such as white, beige and brown, so that your Diadora trainers are the statement piece of your look. Combine them with a plain T-shirt, jacket and loose pants. For the ultimate Italian urban style look, complete your outfit with a hat. Who said that men’s looks lack imagination?

If, on the other hand, you are a minimal lover then the Diadora Heritage sneakers will become your favorite shoes. For those of you who don’t want to put too much effort in your looks and feel a plain jacket or T-shirt and pants are just enough, the Diadore Heritage trainers will ideally complete your outfit.

Diadora Heritage styling combinations for women

Diadora Heritage sneakers are for all those women who want to take their street style to the next level. Dynamic and cool, strong and independent, fearless and multitasker, the contemporary Diadora woman knows how to feel confident in just a pair of jeans and a sweater. Her steeps are certain and her Diadora Heritage sneakers support her at every step of the way. She needs to be comfortable and enjoy the urban vibes. She seizes the day and enjoys the moments in her life that have true value.

Other times, she just needs to stand out. She loves trends, but follows the ones that truly represent her personal style. She does not hesitate to mix and match, play with color combinations and be sexy even in her sneakers. Who could imagine that the Diadora Heritage Rosemary Equipe stone wash sneakers would look so stunning with a bomber jacket and a silk skirt?

No matter which ones you choose, just dive into their nostalgic retro world and surrender into their vintage influence. Remember the past, embrace the present and get a pair of sneakers that will fill you with memories in every step you make!

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