A History of Coach

Originally Coach was known as Manhattan Leather Bags and was founded in the early 1940’s by two people name Miles and Lillan Cahn. Since its humble beginnings, the company has grown to worldwide success and it is little wonder when you think about the intricate design and detail that goes into the bags.

The owner of the company had a vision to create a handbag which was similar to a baseball glove-sounds crazy but it’s true! He worked alongside some talented artists and together they designed an original 12 bags which were inspired by the tan leather and high quality stitches that you would see on a baseball glove.

As the company grew, in the 1960’s a lady named Bonnie Cashin was brought on board to bring a new lease of life to the handbags and she introduced such features as the duffle bag and the infamous Coach brass clasp seen on many of their designs. The new designer wanted to make a bag that was lightweight and simple yet made a style statement, and she was hugely successful in doing this.

In the 1980’s, the company grew even more and began releasing men’s bags as well as a collection of wrist wear. Coming into the new millennium, Coach saw its popularity go from strength to strength and in 2001 brought out their Signature Collection which has proved to be a huge favorite on a global scale.

Currently, there are over 900 Coach Stores worldwide and the company continues to grow. It is an exciting time and we are eager to see where the company heads from here.

Where Can I Buy A Coach Bag?

If you are asking yourself “where is the best Coach store near me?” then look no further. As we mentioned there are over 900 Coach Stores all over the world and so it is pretty easy to come by one. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular locations.

Coach In The UK

If you are a UK resident, you can find a Coach store at the following locations.

  • The Trafford Centre, Manchester
  • Biscester Village Outlet
  • Cheshire Oaks Outlet

Coach In The USA

For those in the United States, there are a whole host of Coach Stores to be found, let’s take a look at just some of them. If you want to find a Coach store near you, there is the option to head over to their website and use their store locator where you can answer the question of where is there a Coach outlet near me?

  • Madison Avenue, New York
  • Fifth Avenue, New York
  • Burlington Mall, MA
  • Coach Aventura, FL
  • Beverly Center, CA
  • Broadway Square, TX

Can I Buy Coach Bags Online?

In short, yes. There are a wide selection of places that you can buy Coach bags online, one of the best places is at www.99FashionBrands.com, where there are an excellent choice of these stunning handbags. For example, the Coach 69621 bag, which is a beautiful handbag that comes in either black or tan and features a removable strap as well as being made in Italy from the finest quality leather.

You might also like the Coach 69424 bag which is a super handy tote bag, ideal for those long days out shopping or for carrying your day to day essentials. The handbag is made with the best quality leather, as well as being crafted by expert designers for that added touch of luxury. The bag features two handles and interior pockets giving you plenty of space to keep everything you need.

Whatever your style, you will be sure to find a beautiful Coach bag at 99 Fashion Brands which will add a special flair to any outfit or occasion.

Final Thoughts

Coach are a company who have spent many years building up a reputation as being one of the world’s best known and loved bag brands, and it comes as no surprise since quality and luxury at an affordable price is one of the main missions of the company. You can find a multitude of Coach stores all over the world or if you prefer to shop online you can head over to www.99fashionbrands.com where there are a wealth of Coach bags to choose from!

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