Interview attire

What should I wear to a job interview

What do you wear to a job interview?

First impressions do matter and either it is a date or a job interview, one thing is for sure: you should dress up to make the best first impression possible. And while at your date there are hardly any rules you should follow up, when it comes to interviews, there are certain tips you should stick to. A job interview is your opportunity to impress your potential employer so as to convince them that you are the best candidate to get the job. While it is indisputable that your personality matters, it is also true that your dress code reflects your personality and shows that you are professional and have invested effort to look at your best. This gives the message that you take things seriously and that you pay attention to the slightest detail, which are of course characteristics required for any kind of job. A very general rule is that you should be well prepared and aware of the company you want to work for. Is there a certain dress code? Is it a startup where casual is the usual style or a multinational firm where you should be dressed formal? These questions will help you determine your look, but no matter what the answers are you should look well dressed and tidy. Does it seem hard to find the right interview outfits? Then just read the following article on how to dress for an interview.

Interview dress tips for female

A dress is an ideal choice, especially if the interview regards a company with a more formal dress code. Prefer dresses in colors such as white, black, blue, beige or pink and avoid extreme colors. You need to draw attention, but not too much attention. You need to be well dressed, but in any case, overdressed. Avoid mini dresses and choose midi dresses than end up under the knee or slightly above. Showing too much skin is not the best idea and is considered unprofessional. A sheath or pencil dress looks chic and elegant, but if you do not feel comfortable in it, you could wear a shift dress.

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The ideal pair of shoes for a dress for an interview are high heels. But be careful! Do not overdo it. Avoid shiny shoes, glitter and stick to shorter heels, that seem appropriate for a working place, plus you need to feel comfortable on them. Choose colors such as blue, black or beige that match with everything.

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A skirt and top outfit for an interview

Apart from the dress, the other alternative for a formal interview outfit is the all-time classic combination of top and skirt.  Classic combinations such as black and white are a huge must. Avoid color block trending and aggressive colors such as red and yellow and prefer earth tone colors or blue that are soothing and linked to serenity. Choose a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt which is under or right above the knee. If you choose a pencil skirt, then you could wear a top that is a bit loose and creates a balloon effect if put inside the skirt.

As far as the shoes are concerned, check the high heel propositions above that are appropriate for a dress outfit. The same rules for shoes, apply here, as well.

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Interview trousers: do’s and don’ts

While dresses and skirts may be considered a more formal option for a dress code in an interview, a pair of trousers is also a chic option for a woman who wants to impress her employer. However, you should avoid some options, such as jeans. Even if the dress code of the firm does not prohibit jeans, it would be wise not to choose them for your first look at an interview. Moreover, avoid low waisted trousers and choose high waisted, as they look more formal and professional. Colorful pants and patterns such as floral are also choices that would not be preferable for your interview. If you work for an advertising firm or a fashion magazine, this could be the required dress code on a daily basis, but again it would be better not to risk it for your first interview until you get a good grasp of the dress code of your working environment. If you do not want to be plain, then go for stripped trousers. A zip culotte is also a fashionable and great choice for an interview.

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High heels seem to be ideal with skirts and dresses, but when it comes to trousers apart from high heels, you can still be elegant and stylish by choosing other types of shoes. Ankle boots, ballet flats and lace up oxford type shoes in black and brown are ideal choices.

Choose your pair of lace up, flat shoes, ballet flats or ankle boots.

Coat choices for an interview

Your interview outfit cannot be complete if it is not for the right coat. A trench coat seems a perfect choice with your dress or skirt. A coat with a belt draws attention to your waist and makes you look classy. A coat with buttons could look like a long blazer and is an ideal option to complete your interview outfit. It could be wool, acrylic or synthetic or a combination of those materials. The length and color of the coat are up to you. If the rest of the outfit is simple, then you could dare a more unexpected color, since the coat is a piece you will remove during the interview.

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Top interview bags

When choosing a bag for an interview there are some things you should bear in mind. First of all, the size of the bag does matter. Avoid too small or too big sizes, since they are inappropriate for the context. You need a practical bag with a enough space in order to fit your personal staff and a tablet, in case you have prepared a presentation or you want to do some additional research for the company while you are in the metro for example. Moreover, the color of your bag should be in harmony with the rest of the look. If you have trouble choosing the right color, then simply opt for the same one as your shoes and coat. Fashionistas are not so in fond of this combination, but this is not a fashion contest. This is your chance to pass to the next phase in flying colors. The type of bags you could hold are: crossbody bags, handbags and shoulder bags. Glitters, trucks and big chains are not an option. Stick to more classic pieces and if you want to go the extra mile, then choose more unusual colors than black and brown such as baby blue, royal blue or gray.

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No matter what your outfit is, be well prepared and full of confidence. This could be your opportunity to make your dreams come true, so please be the best version of yourself.

Good luck!

Autumn 2019 trends

Stylish casual looks for autumn

The most stylish casual looks for autumn

Those of you who are still on holidays, please stay calm and ideally, do not continue reading! The content of this article may let you down. The rest of us, let’s get ready to welcome autumn with style. Fall is full of outfit ideas, and I am going to present you the best of them to create the most inspiring autumn street style looks.

The hooded down jacket

Put on your skinny jeans, a t-shirt, your hooded down jacket, your sneakers, grab your rucksack and create the total urban look. The key piece in this look is the down jacket, therefore I would suggest that you keep the rest of the look plain (maybe go for a total black) and let the jacket grab the attention with an intense color such as royal blue or fuchsia.  What I love about it is that it is pretty simple and effortless, yet it can be so stylish and show how easy going person you are.

The classy trench coat

There is hardly any better choice that a trench coat in autumn. While you can wear almost every type of jacket depending on the weather conditions of your country, the trench coat is definitely marked as the autumn jacket.  If you do not yet have one, then go for the cream color, as it is the most classic choice that fits with everything. If you are already a trench coat lover, then I would suggest to try one at chaki or navy blue color, which also match with many other colors, but are more unexpected choices when it comes to trench coats. For a casual look combine it with a turtleneck, white skinny pants and ankle boots.

The patterned midi skirt

These cuties will become the addiction of every fashion conscious woman. Try the floral pattern, which seems perfect either in fall or in summer, or if you feel like you are fed up with it, put on a scotch skirt. Combine it with a t-shirt, a leather jacket and your lace-up shoes and create a girly and urban style look that cannot be unseen.

The high waisted flare jeans

One of the key pieces you should own in order to create a stylish urban look, is a pair of high waisted flare jeans. Either dark blue, light, or light washed jeans, your street style will look perfect by wearing them. Try them with a boho shirt, ankle boots and a leather jacket and create one of the best casual styles for the upcoming fall.

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Adidas women sneakers

Women sneakers for stylish looks

Adidas women sneakers

The best women sneakers for the most stylish looks

Women might feel sexy and super confident in high heels, but trust me when I say that sneakers are a girl’s best friend. They are comfy, stylish and can be worn during the whole day even with a night dress, creating unexpected combinations that top fashionistas all over the world are crazy about.  No matter what your style or personal taste is, you should definitely have at least one pair of sneakers as they will save you from a lot of trouble when the “I have nothing to wear” crisis comes: T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, go! Here, you can find a detailed guide on all the must have women sneakers.

The white sneakers

Black might be the king of colors when it comes to clothes, but white is undoubtedly the king of colors when it comes to sneakers. No matter if it is winter or summer, your white sneakers will become your everyday essentials as they match with everything. Either your look is plain or eccentric, your white sneakers are the perfect fit. Choose the white Adidas StanSmith sneakers with the fuchsia details or the white Trussardi sneakers with the leopard details and create unique athleisure looks for your walkings around the city or your meetings downtown at your favorite spots with friends.

The gym sneakers

Who said that gym sneakers are boring? Just because they need to be comfortable and appropriate for your kind of training, this doesn’t mean that your sneakers should be deprived of style and design. For those of you who feel like being stylish even while sweating at the gym, check the pink Adidas sneakers, a girly option  that can be worn all year long not only at the gym but for your everyday activities as well. If pink is not your cup of tea and you would rather a rather mainstream option, then go for the U.S. Polo black sneakers.

The going-out sneakers

When it comes to going out, sneakers should be an option worth considering. Imagine your classic suit that you wear at the office with a pair of modern sneakers for your after-work early drinks. Or your skinny jeans with a t-shirt and leather jacket for your movie nights at the cinema perfectly matched with your favorite sneakers. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors, fabrics and designs, as you can turn your sneakers into the statement piece of your look. A pair of black Love Moschino, a pair of VANS women sneakers or a pair of Gold US Polo sneakers will serve this aim beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The flatform sneakers

Let’s face it! No matter how hard I’ve tried to convince you that you can still be sexy and confident with sneakers, plenty of you can never get used to wearing flats. You need those extra points of height even in the morning, so you are not really fond of the idea of wearing sneakers. Well, I might have something for you. The flatform sneakers! You can still be tall without your feet hurting or you trying so hard not to lose your balance on your high heels. Check the Bikkembergs variety of colors in black, white or pink and choose the one you fall for.

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Summer vacations essentials

Last minute summer essentials

Summer vacations essentials

The summer vacations essentials

We are already in the heat of the summer and I guess that many of you are counting clockwise until the day their summer vacations begin. And no wonder why. No more anxiety. No more work load. No more meetings, unread emails or overtimes.  Just chilling, sunbathing and cocktails by the sea.  But what happens with you ladies, that you need to fit everything in just a luggage? Ok, maybe two! Starting to feel anxious yet? Well, no need to be as here you can grasp ideas on the key pieces you should carry with you for the best insta photos ever. Let’s go!

Loose trousers

The number one piece that should definitely accompany you in your holidays is a high waist wide leg pair of trousers. You can never go wrong with white, plus it is a great combo with the blue of the summer landscape, but if you want to stand out choose a printed trousers such as a colorful floral one. Combine it with a cropped top and wedges and get ready to amaze the islanders.

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The little white dress

The mini white dress in summer is the little black dress of winter. That statement itself shows the importance of that piece when it comes to summer vacations. There is nothing sexier in summertime than the contrast of white on the tanned skin. Morever, this little cuttie can be a canvas on which you can experiment with any color and accessory so as to show off your personal style.

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A pair of sandals

If you had to choose just one pair of shoes to fit in your luggage then this would be sandals, without a second thought. In the summertime you need to feel cool and careless, so do not hesitate to wear flat sandals, even at night. If you need however, to add extra points to your figure, go for square heels, which are sexy but comfortable as well.

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The pastel crossbody bag

A woman’s look can never be complete if it is not for an impressive bag. And since during day, you will be most probably sunbathing at a beach and everything you need will be in your beach bag, then you should make sure you have a bag with you that is appropriate for your strollings or nightouts. And this is the crossbody bag. Pastels are a great choice for this season, but if you feel like daring the unusual, opt for royal blue or metallic tones and you will definitely stand out.

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P.S: Whatever you choose to carry with you, do not forget to leave your problems and anxiety behind and make room for some unforgettable memories. Cheers to an awesome summer!

Sunglasses Summer 2019 Trends

Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2019

Sunglasses trends 2019

Now that summer is here for good, it is high time we talked about the number one must have accessory of the season: sunglasses. Sunglasses are the kings of summer and no wonder why. While they evidently protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiation they also have a tremendous impact on transforming your style and even the way your face looks.

Black lenses

An all-time-classic option is to invest in a pair of sunglasses with black lenses. If you are fun of mystery and adventure and you like to be an enigma to others, then this is the best choice for you. There is hardly anyone who can read your reactions through the black lenses, as they perfectly conceal your eyes and you can keep a poker face for as long as you wish.

Brown lenses

While black lenses seem to be a choice that matches every style and face, maybe you should also consider sunglasses with brown lenses if you do not wish to create a rather fierce result. Brown is undoubtedly a choice that matches every skin tone and hair color and makes you look sweeter and more approachable. Go for a tortoise pair in earth tones if you wish to remain classic, or dare unexpected colors such as red, deep green and royal blue if you wish to make a statement.

Cat eye

Newsflash for all the retro lovers out there! The cat eye sunglasses are once more a trend.  No pair of sunglasses can compare to them in terms of elegance and femininity. They are pretty known for provoking an elongating effect, so maybe they are not addressed to women who already have a long face. Keep it classy by choosing black, brown and tortoise pairs, or dare to stand out with statement prints and unusual colors.

Round and transparent

One huge trend that has become the fashionistas’ favorite is the round and transparent pair of sunglasses, especially the ones with smaller circles. These sunglasses with their boho sense travel us  back in time, to the era of the hippies. And this is definitely a fan fact that cannot be unseen. For those of you who love to live life at its pick and have a wide smile on your face, there is no better option to reflect your vivid personality.  Do not hesitate to wear them at the beach bar even when the sun goes down. It is all about style, after all!


Square sunglasses are a timeless choice that never fades. Either you opt for the safe aviator square pair, or you are a lover of the more feminine choice of oversized square type, feel free to experiment with patterns, materials and colors, so as to give a twist to a rather classic option and adjust them to your personal taste.

Whichever type you feel is your cup of tea, one thing is for sure: You will find everything you are looking for as long as you visit our website to discover our wide range of sunglasses.

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Summer shoes trends 2019

Summer shoes trends 2019

The 4 summer shoes everyone should own

Summer 2019 is already here and you should step into it with style. This is why we have gathered below the best shoes for the summer season.

Women Sandals

When it comes to shoes in summer, sandals are the very first thing that pops up in our minds. Choose flat sandals during day and high heels during night. Luckily, there are different types of heels, so you can find the one you feel more comfortable with. The basic choice is sandals in earth tone colors which are a perfect fit with every clothing. The ancient Greek sandals in these tones will immediately make you look like an ancient Greek goddess and seem to be the best choice for your maxi dress even at night. If you already own sandals in natural colors, then it is high time you bought a pair in a more unusual color suck as metallic royal blue or vivid fuchsia.

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Flip flops

Flip flops, summer, ease. As simple as that! There is no shoe in the world that can beat flip flops when it comes to convenience. It is a great choice for both men and women and comes in stylish and modern options to complete perfectly your look at the beach or your carefree strollings around the island under the hot sun and the endless blue of the sea and sky.

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Women wedges shoes

Women love wedges. Everyone knows that.  These miraculous shoes give women the opportunity to add height while having the sense they are wearing flat shoes. And summer is the season when women get relieved since their feet will no longer hurt from those uncomfortable high heels. There is a wide range of material to choose from including rubber and straw for more informal occasions or wood for more formal ones, combined with fabrics in different shapes and colors that fit with every style.

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While they are a perfect choice during winter, there is their summer version as well. Ladies, you have numerous choices of shoes to wear, yet you keep complaining that you need a pair for every occasion. Well, you can add your moccasins in this list, if you want to take a break from your sandals and flip flops. I would suggest bright colors and smart details such as satin ribbons. Gentlemen, we know that even one pair of shoes is enough for you for every occasion you can think of. If you are indeed this type of guy, then let moccasins be that one pair of shoes. Flip flops do not seem the smartest idea in office (well depending on the dresscode of your firm) but what about navy blue suede moccasins? Or is it that upcoming wedding that your girlfriend whimpers every day about your reluctance to go shopping? “Honey, guess what. My moccasins, which I wear at office, which I wear downtown, or while drinking cocktails at our holidays will be the shoes I am going to wear at your best friend’s wedding while you can search a month or more for the best fit for your look”.

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Now that everything is said, just visit 99 Fashion Brands and discover our wide range of sandals, flip flops, women wedges shoes and moccasins.

Four types of bags you need to have in summer

Summer Bags Trends 2019

Four types of bags you need to have in summer

No look can be complete without the right bag. And now that summer is here for good, it is time to say goodbye to your favorite black bag and consider other options. Do you still have doubts what to choose? No worries, as here you can find the best options for your summer looks.


Rucksacks have been undoubtedly an indispensable part of our styling in winter. And no wonder why; They are practical, yet stylish and they fit with almost anything. Rucksacks are a huge trend for summer as well. They can be worn from morning till evening (or even at night if the occasion is not formal). Choose them in bright colors and let them upgrade your urban style. And of course, even if we are not used to seeing men holding bags, this type of bag is their cup of tea as well. From the beach to the walks downtown, this type of bag is perfect for men who are done with trying to fit everything in their pockets and are looking for smarter and more stylish solutions.

Crossbody bags

There is nothing more romantic than a white dress and a pastel crossbody bag in summertime. If you do not feel like experimenting further, this trend adjusted to your personal taste will work just perfectly for you. But, of course, in the world of fashion there are no limits, so you can choose a crossbody neon bag, or one with trucks or gems for a more glam look. The point is that according to its style, it can be worn during day and night so no more which-bag-to-choose dilemma.

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are not only a must in winter, but in summer as well. Your office style looks impeccable with your shoulder bag, plus it is practical for everyday occasions as it can fit anything inside.  Choose the size and color you like and add your personal touch as you can decorate your shoulder bag with colorful satin ribbons which are a huge must for summer.

Clutch bags

There is no better option to complete your look at night than clutch bags. A huge trend that never goes out of fashion is the clutch bag with chains so as to put it on your shoulder. If the occasion is more formal you can of course remove the chains and hold it on your hands. Prefer bright colors such as white, pink, baby blue or the color of sand and do not hesitate to choose clutches with gems or trucks if you want to stand out.

In 99 Fashion Brands the choices in rucksacks, crossbody bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags are so many that you will definitely find the ones that match your personal taste in the best prices.

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