Four types of bags you need to have in summer

Four types of bags you need to have in summer

No look can be complete without the right bag. And now that summer is here for good, it is time to say goodbye to your favorite black bag and consider other options. Do you still have doubts what to choose? No worries, as here you can find the best options for your summer looks.


Rucksacks have been undoubtedly an indispensable part of our styling in winter. And no wonder why; They are practical, yet stylish and they fit with almost anything. Rucksacks are a huge trend for summer as well. They can be worn from morning till evening (or even at night if the occasion is not formal). Choose them in bright colors and let them upgrade your urban style. And of course, even if we are not used to seeing men holding bags, this type of bag is their cup of tea as well. From the beach to the walks downtown, this type of bag is perfect for men who are done with trying to fit everything in their pockets and are looking for smarter and more stylish solutions.

Crossbody bags

There is nothing more romantic than a white dress and a pastel crossbody bag in summertime. If you do not feel like experimenting further, this trend adjusted to your personal taste will work just perfectly for you. But, of course, in the world of fashion there are no limits, so you can choose a crossbody neon bag, or one with trucks or gems for a more glam look. The point is that according to its style, it can be worn during day and night so no more which-bag-to-choose dilemma.

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are not only a must in winter, but in summer as well. Your office style looks impeccable with your shoulder bag, plus it is practical for everyday occasions as it can fit anything inside.  Choose the size and color you like and add your personal touch as you can decorate your shoulder bag with colorful satin ribbons which are a huge must for summer.

Clutch bags

There is no better option to complete your look at night than clutch bags. A huge trend that never goes out of fashion is the clutch bag with chains so as to put it on your shoulder. If the occasion is more formal you can of course remove the chains and hold it on your hands. Prefer bright colors such as white, pink, baby blue or the color of sand and do not hesitate to choose clutches with gems or trucks if you want to stand out.

In 99 Fashion Brands the choices in rucksacks, crossbody bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags are so many that you will definitely find the ones that match your personal taste in the best prices.

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